Why the Childcare License?

At Early Discoveries we offer a program geared towards preschool aged children ~ with the curriculum and school set up designed to support a child’s development prior to Kindergarten. We are not licensed as a “preschool” as we offer a program for preschool aged children over 4 hours. To date, no license for an Early Childhood Educator to provide an extended hours preschool program exists without using a Group Childcare/Daycare License. However it is important to share with families that many E.C.E. Childcare Professionals like Catherine have worked, owned and operated their “official” Preschools prior to choosing to operate with extended hours. Catherine has been teaching preschool to children for over 20+ years.

Our Early Learning Program

During each session at Early Discoveries children are welcomed into our inviting environment by our warm and dedicated staff. The classroom is set up with multiple activities with open ended and self-correcting outcomes that are changed regularly to stimulate and encourage learning and growth. We believe in child directed opportunities where children follow their interest and engage in learning where they practice, develop and master the necessary skills for every stage of their own unique development. Each day we set the stage for learning providing materials for each of the learning centers while making ourselves available to assist, encourage, model and engage children. This recipe is designed to set the child up for success.

  • Daily Circle Times:

    Our circle times include activities such as music and movement, science, math, classifying, sorting, and cognitive/language activities; like the beloved “Little Mouse” game where the children seek to find little mouse in a variety of felt coloured houses.Circletime-001
  • Endless Open-Ended Experiences:

    We believe that one of the most important things your child will leave our programs with is a positive attitude and an infinite love of learning. At Early Discoveries we aspire to facilitate and broaden a child’s sense of curiosity and imagination. We believe there are an infinite number of ways of doing anything and take steps to encourage a child when we observe they are feeling challenged or discouraged. We offer endless open-ended experiences for the maximum creative expression for children. Believing the “process” far outweighs any “end result” a child may have.
  • Engaging Learning Stations: Similar set up to traditional Preschools.

At Early Discoveries your child will find much to explore in our many learning stations. These include:

• Fine Art & Easel • Early Literacy Library • Sand & Water • Cognitive & Puzzles
• Drama & Theatre Dress Up • Daily Living Centre- Kitchen • Science Centre • Math & Block Station
• Gross Motor Activities • Fine Motor Activities • Musical Instruments • Listening Centre ~ Books & Music
• Playdough Station • Engineering Toys & Trains • Social & Emotional Activities (e.g. Sharing & Circle Time)


  • Literacy & Social Skill Development:

    We work closely with each child to support the development of language and social skills with their peers. Recognizing that each meaningful interaction a child has with their peers enables them to develop and maintain successful relationships while also advancing their confidence with language. For Preschool aged and School aged children we use word games such as letter scavenger hunts/word searches, there really are too many to list as the possibilities are endless!Music is one of our favourite ways at Early Discoveries to support language and overall cognitive development. Did you know that when children are listening and engaging in a musical activity they are using both sides of their brain? But shhh no need to tell them, for it’s just another example of how we foster development in a way that is age appropriate through a child’s world of play. We complete two terms of Music Together per school year and fees are included in your child’s tuition.


  • Outdoor Play: 

    We are known to advocate for outdoor play as part of the daily routine, simply because activities that are done outside facilitate so much more growth and development for large muscles than can be done inside the classroom. Our outdoor play areas provide a variety of choices for children to explore throughout the year. By pulling two friends in a wagon, climbing, running or walking heel to toe on a chalk line a child is building their large muscles, developing balance, hand/eye coordination and agility. Outdoor play also provides an opportunity for children to be inspired by the world they live in. Observing worms moving across the dirt, droplets of rain or eagles soaring overhead can be very thought provoking and inspiring to a child.