For us at Early Discoveries, we love that we get the opportunity to watch your child grow and develop into the best that they can be! We enjoy meeting each individual child and celebrate their successes! The variety and range of activities makes each day a new adventure, one we can’t wait to go on with your children.

Highlights of our Program

  • Lower Child Ratios and Highly Qualified Staff
    At Early Discoveries we choose to take fewer children in our programs for preschool aged children than licensed for so offering a higher staff ratio, therefore ensuring quality care and education. Catherine Burnett is a licensed Early Childhood Educator in BC and has valid Child and Infant CPR training. She has received Provincial and National recognition for her work in the field of E.C.E.
  • A “Family-Like” Setting
    Having our program run from our home provides an intimate and family like setting where children can feel secure and confident, thus building meaningful and supportive relationships with one another. Your child will have greater freedom in developing at their own pace and with a quieter classroom there are fewer distractions than in a traditional setting with up to 20 children in one common classroom. In our program, children are valued as individuals with their own learning styles, strengths and encouraged to take pride in their own abilities. Their ideas and interests directly contribute to our programming.
  • Enhanced Peer-to-Peer Learning
    We know, and studies have shown, that children retain what they learn from peers more than that of which they learn from adults. This is not to say that the teachers will not play an influential role in educating your children but that the other children in care can provide valuable role modeling for their peers. Your child will be able to teach and learn from the other children at the center as they hone their skills and develop new ones; i.e. leadership aspects. Children at different developmental stages can help one another learn important communicative cues and behaviours that will be vital in their social development along with their ability to relate to others around them. They will learn empathy, self-confidence, leadership, as well as emotional awareness and how these things affect our behaviours.For instance, when a child’s blocks fall down another preschooler may enter play to help the child rebuild while reassuring them it’s ok. The child will learn that’s it’s ok to try again and may even discover a new way of building what they were working on. One child feels a sense of empathy for the other child whose blocks had tumbled, while demonstrating great leadership, and can take pride in their ability to model for the other child thus building self confidence. Both children will discover that “together we’re better” and that teamwork is beneficial when facing challenges.
  • Special Events
    We believe in the old adage “it takes a community to raise a child”. That is why at Early Discoveries we integrate and plan local field trips into our yearly preschool curriculum. We feel in doing so, this supports your child to become involved and feel connected with their local community. Special events are also held throughout the year in the classroom allowing families to meet while taking part in the festivities. Special events such as our “Annual Pumpkin Carving Night” are held within the classroom during early evening hours to foster opportunities for working parents to be able to share in the event with their child. We believe in a diverse curriculum, being respectful of all families. Together we have an opportunity to learn about different languages, traditions and cultures. For example, during our annual Chinese New Year Celebration, the children help to prepare Chow Mein and learn to count to ten in Mandarin. Children also take part in a Dragon dance using the dragon they helped to create. We feel the more children learn about what others are celebrating around the world, helps them to understand what we also have in common (i.e. Christmas, Hanukkah, St. Lucia Day celebrations, all use “light” within their traditions).Each December our families gather food and clothing donations to distribute to local families in need. The children deliver their gift of song to their families at our annual winter get together. Multicultural songs are sung, before we have a special visitor from the North Pole.